siomai sa tisa...

Very popular food! You can see this in almost all places of Cebu.....But for me, I always go to where it all started....And yes you're right, definitely in Tisa.

I could still remember the days when the place was still called as Way Tugpahay, popular for their tasty puto and sikwti, on early hours of the morning...Now the place is dominated by siomai food vendors.

Siomai sa Tisa never gets out of customers. You barely can have a chance to have seat during evenings until early morning. A lot of avid siomai lovers come to eat, despite being from far places.

The Steaming Siomai is so tasty......with a very hot sauce.....and lemon....nom nom nom!!! 3 siomais is the basic, but most would love to add more. Truly an addicting taste...c",)

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