siomai on streefoods..

all street food in the Philippines Siomai is as close to my favorite as it gets. It is basically a small ball of pork or beef covered in a light filo style pastry and steamed. Then on the street served up in little trays with a choice of chili sauce, light sauce and soy sauce.

It’s not always easy to get, as it takes a little preparation. But once you find a little man with a stack of aluminum containers you might not want to move away for a while.

Siomai is available in many other South East Asian countries, with a local telling me it’s origins are Chinese.

In the street you can pick up Siomai for as little as 3 pesos each. While in Chow king expect to pay around 50 pesos for 3! Many Filipinos don’t like street Siomai claiming it’s not good meat. But I never had a problem, and it tastes really good.

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