sago't gulaman and fish ball cart...

One of the beautiful things about the Philippines is the love for food everyone has. You can walk around local markets and find street food vendors offering drinks and snacks. Many times you will find vendors huddled close together with their moveable food cart serving hungry lines of mouths just waiting for a bite to eat. Having a moving restaurant helps their business stay close to crowds.
With the heat and humidity on full blast, you could always use a drink to cool off. A nearby vendor that specializes in Cantaloupe Juice and Sago’t Gulaman was just the answer to the heat.

The Melon is sweet. Strips of the cantaloupe meat float around your cup, so you get some with each sip you take. If you finish all of the juice, the cantaloupe strips are layered right in the bottom of your cup, all ready to be snacked on.
Sago’t Gulaman is a mix of sago and agar agar in a sugary caramelized liquid. This dark colored refreshment is sweet to the taste and filling with all of the sago and gelatin like cubes.

Right next to the beverage cart was a fish ball vendor. Fish meat that has been pressed and shaped into small balls are fried here. Other freshly fried goodies from chicken balls, squid balls, and tofu were available. Take your skewer and poke at what you want. Dipping sauces are there for your picking. Some sweet and spicy, while others are tarter like a vinaigrette.
Of course this is only a small sample of what street food is available. Just about every corner you turn, you are sure to find something else to snack on.

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