Shawarma from bahrain..... is a popular local snack consisting of rolled pita bread filled
with lamb or chicken carved from a rotating spit, and a bit of salad to
boot. You’ll see countless roadside restaurants and stands offering
shawarma for as little as 250 fils each, and they make a great
alternative to the usual fast food of burgers and fries. In residential
areas, the small cluster of shops at a mosque is often a good place to
start looking for your local shawarma outlet. These restaurants and
stands usually sell other dishes, such as ‘foul’ (a paste made from fava
beans) and ‘falafel’ (or ta’amiya), which are small savoury balls of
deep-fried beans. Many also offer freshly squeezed fruit juices for
around 300 fils. The Saar/Budaiya area is home to a well-known Lebanese
restaurant, Fakhruddin, whose shawarma are extremely popular with expats
and locals. On the Budaiya Highway, it is hard to beat Golden Dough
take-away for authentic taste. Don’t forget to mention your personal
preferences to the vendor at the shawarma stand, or you may find
yourself dealing with a chip-filled blow-your-brains-out spicy

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