squid-ring 8. Squid Rings (P3 per piece) It's your favorite pulutan, only much cheaper! These deep-fried batter-covered squid rings taste like the usual calamares, but not as soft. What do you expect from three pesos a piece? ice-cream 9. Dirty Ice Cream Sandwich (P5 per sandwich) No banana split or sundae can ever compare to a piece of monay filled with scoops of mango, chocolate and ube ice cream. The rock-bottom price makes it sweeter. Just get your teeth ready because every cold bite is painful. It's no good when thawed so you either have to literally suck it up or be a pansy and eat it with a spoon. hotcake 10. Street hotcakes (P5 per hotcake) Beckoning with their bright orange color, they looks harmless enough; just a little piece of waffle, you think. You're dead wrong. Like the regular hotcake, its batter is made of flour, margarine, sugar–and orange food coloring. It's cooked in front of you with an iron waffle maker, pressed on a plate of sugar and then smothered with even more margarine. The texture is different from the usual hotcake; it's a little sticky, sort of like kakanin. It's such a guilty pleasure that you'll want more than one. Can you say heart attack?

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